The static site generator for my site.
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(import filesystem)
(import path)
(defn pairs->table
"Convert an array of pairs into a table."
(reduce (fn [acc [key val]] (put acc key val)) @{} pairs))
(defn split-first
"Split the string on the first occurrence of the delimeter. If the delimeter
is not found, return the original string."
[delim str]
(def idx (string/find delim str))
(if idx
@[(string/slice str 0 (- idx 1)) (string/slice str (+ idx 1))]
(defn nesting-levels
"Return the number of nesting levels in the given file path."
(length (string/find-all path/sep path)))
(defn get-output
"Execute a command and get its stdout. command-list is an array consisting of
the executable to run and its arguments."
(def p (os/spawn command-list :p {:out :pipe}))
(def stdout (:read (p :out) :all))
(:wait p)
(defn markdown-file-to-html
"Read and convert a markdown file to html. Return an html buffer."
(get-output ["pandoc" "-f" "markdown" "--mathjax" path]))
(defn substitute-variables
"Perform variable substitution on the given string."
[variables path str]
(var str str)
(def max-recursion-depth 5)
(loop [i :in (range max-recursion-depth)]
(loop [[variable body] :pairs variables]
(def variable-str (string "${" variable "}"))
(set str (string/replace variable-str body str))))
(string/replace-all "${ROOT}/" (string/repeat "../" (- (nesting-levels path) 1)) str))
(defn process-html
"Process the given HTML contents, applying the website's template."
[template contents]
(string/replace "${CONTENTS}" contents template))
(defn process-files
"Process the files in the source directory and write the results to the
destination directory."
[process source-dir dest-dir]
(each file (filesystem/list-all-files source-dir)
(process file)))
(defn make-processor
"Create a function that processes files based on their extension."
[src-dir build-dir template variables]
(fn [src-filepath]
(print "Processing file " src-filepath)
(def ext (path/ext src-filepath))
(def processed-contents
(match ext
".css" (substitute-variables variables src-filepath (filesystem/read-file src-filepath))
".html" (substitute-variables variables src-filepath (process-html template (filesystem/read-file src-filepath)))
".md" (substitute-variables variables src-filepath (process-html template (markdown-file-to-html src-filepath)))
_ nil)) # nil means we copy the file as is.
(var dst-filepath (string/replace src-dir build-dir src-filepath))
(set dst-filepath
(match ext
".md" (string/replace ext ".html" dst-filepath)
".markdown" (string/replace ext ".html" dst-filepath)
_ dst-filepath))
(if processed-contents
(filesystem/write-file dst-filepath processed-contents)
(filesystem/copy-file src-filepath dst-filepath))))
(defn read-map-file
"Read key-value pairs from a file. The file should be a text file with lines
of the form |key = value|. Return a table."
(def contents (filesystem/read-file path))
(def lines (filter (fn [x] (not (empty? x))) (string/split "\n" contents)))
(def name-body-pairs (map (fn [line]
(def @[name body] (split-first "=" line))
@[(string/trim name) (string/trim body)])
(pairs->table name-body-pairs))
(defn usage [argv0]
(print "Usage: " argv0 " <source dir>")
(os/exit 0))
(defn main [argv0 &opt src-dir]
(when (nil? src-dir) (usage argv0))
(def src-dir (path/normalize src-dir))
(def config (read-map-file (path/join src-dir "config.txt")))
(def build-dir (path/normalize (string (get config "BUILD-DIR") path/sep)))
(print "Generating website: " src-dir " -> " build-dir)
(def template-file (get config "TEMPLATE-FILE"))
(def variables-file (get config "VARIABLES-FILE"))
(def template (filesystem/read-file (path/join src-dir template-file)))
(def variables (read-map-file (path/join src-dir variables-file)))
(def processor (make-processor src-dir build-dir template variables))
# For clean builds, re-create the build directory.
(filesystem/recreate-directories build-dir)
(process-files processor src-dir build-dir))