Janet bindings for GLFW 3.
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Janet bindings for GLFW 3.


(import glfw)

(defn main [argv0]
  (if (not (glfw/init))
    (os/exit 1))
  (def window (glfw/create-window 640 480 "Hello World" nil nil))
  (if (not window)
    (os/exit 2)))
  (glfw/make-context-current window)
  (while (not (glfw/window-should-close window))
    (glfw/swap-buffers window)

See examples/ for more examples.


Tested on Ubuntu 22.04 GNU/Linux, GLFW 3.3.6.

Current Limitations

The bindings are currently missing support for:

  • Callbacks (requires C glue)
  • Joysticks
  • Gamepads
  • Various other bits of functionality.


Please add any missing functionality that is useful to you.

Please also add test code in examples/02-example.janet, where most of the bindings are exercised.